Get LEADS to GROW your Business!

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      Get LEADS to GROW your Business!

      Free bonus: Enter our lucky draw to win free Leads for a year.

      Learn How To Get New Leads In Sales

      If you run a sales department, or manage sales reps for any firm, you know how hard it can be to get new leads. Even if your company has a great product and plenty of people who want to buy it, getting the attention of those potential customers is tough. Learn how How To Get New Leads In Sales today!

      How To Get New Leads In Sales

      11 Best Ways – How To Get New Leads In Sales

      1.      Trim The List

      If you have been working on your lead generation for a while, there is a good chance that you have lists of leads that just aren’t very good any more. So get rid of them and start afresh with the new ones you are generating. It might seem counterintuitive, but getting rid of the older, less efficient leads will actually free up the time and energy that you can put into generating new ones.

      2.      Use The Sales Funnel More Effectively – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      Most companies have a well-defined sales funnel, which is supposed to move customers from the top of the funnel (ideally unaware of your company) all the way through to an actual purchase. If you are not getting new leads into that system quickly enough, it can be difficult to move them through the stages of the process and close more sales. So look for ways to ensure that your funnel is getting filled on a regular basis with qualified leads who are more likely to buy.

      3.      Get More Referrals – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      Don’t forget to ask for referrals from satisfied customers. A lot of companies get so caught up in outbound marketing, they forget the importance of referrals. But if you are doing a great job for your clients, or providing great customer service, they may feel more than happy to provide some referral business with your way.

      4.      Get Sales Reps Involved In The Process – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      Make sure that your sales reps are involved in lead generation efforts. They know what kind of people to target, and they have a good idea of how to get their attention. To collaborate with them on the process, and keep asking for their input on what is working and what isn’t. That way, you can make sure that everyone is focused on the same goals.

      5.      Hire More Reps – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      Of course, you might be able to generate more leads with the team you have in place right now if they were just better at what they do. Sales is a tough job, so don’t hesitate to hire professionals who are experts in lead generation and sales funnel management. Even a small boost in the number of leads going into your system could have a big impact on sales.

      6.      Try Outbound Marketing – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      Don’t forget that it is possible to generate leads with outbound marketing. In fact, there are many companies out there who only market their products and services through ads – they may not be getting as much attention as they could be, but they are picking up new leads all the time. So try some outbound marketing, and see if it is worth exploring further.

      Try Outbound Marketing

      7.      Use Social Media To Your Advantage – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      Social media sites like Facebook or Twitter can also be a great tool for lead generation and generating more leads with your existing team of reps. Just post links to interesting content or articles that people in your target market might be interested in, and encourage them to follow you. A lot of leads will come from social media sites if they are set up properly for lead generation.

      8.      Try Content Marketing – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      Content marketing is another approach that can help with lead generation, particularly if the company has a strong web presence already. By posting valuable information that is available on the web, a company can get more people to visit its site and expose them to its products and services.

      9.      Try Telemarketing – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      Telemarketing might not be as popular as it once was, but for companies who are prepared to invest in hiring quality telemarketers, it can be very effective. Telemarketers are trained to get past gatekeepers, and they also know how to reach out to tough customers who don’t want to buy just yet. So if you have some money that you can spend on lead generation, hiring telemarketers may help you get the leads that your sales team needs.

      10.  Use A Sales Funnel – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      Last but not least, you could also look at using a sales funnel to improve lead generation. The sales funnel is basically an outline of the stages in your sales process, and it makes it much easier for reps to focus on getting customers through each stage. The better that they are at following the steps laid out in the sales funnel, the more leads they will get in.

      11.  MegaLeads SA Helps With Lead Generation – “How To Get New Leads In Sales”

      The good news is that at MegaLeads SA you can have access to a full suite of lead generation and marketing tools – specifically designed to help boost your company’s business results. Our training, support and mentoring services are all specifically designed to help our customers achieve their goals. In fact, if you aren’t a customer yet, check out what we have to offer – and decide for yourself if MegaLeads SA is the right choice.

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      MegaLeads SA Helps With Lead Generation And Sales Funnels. If you are doing a great job for your clients, providing great support, or training people to use your product, you are not going to do much better than that. It should be easy for you to get new leads in sales with that sort of track record.

      Conclusion – How To Get New Leads In Sales

      So there you have it – the 11 best ways to generate more leads in sales for your business right now. Try out several of these methods, and see which ones are the most helpful for you. Use the strategies that are most likely to generate leads in sales within your specific industry or business structure. And start with some of the more simple approaches before moving on to the more advanced tactics.

      You’ll find that there is no magic bullet when it comes to generating new leads in sales. But with the right training, support and mentoring it won’t be too hard to come up with some useful lead generation strategies that work for you.

      And of course, once you are using more of these strategies for generating leads in sales, then your business will naturally grow faster – which means even more new clients! So what are you waiting for? Get started today and WhatsApp us now!