Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to the use of the MegaLeads service, which specializes in lead generation for niche industries.

Mission Statement

  • We are here to connect homeowners with genuine tradespeople and service professionals committed to completing their projects successfully.

Lead Distribution

  • All leads are sent via WhatsApp.
  • Leads that match your profile will be automatically sent to you, and 1 credit will be deducted.
  • You cannot decline a lead if it matches your profile.
  • The lead is sent to one contractor at a time as per client’s request.

Credits and Payments

  • A Lead automatically sent will cost you 1 credit
  • A lead that is presented to you and seeks your acceptance before the contact details are given will be offered at credits stipulated on the lead. ie: half a credit / 2 or more credits depending on the scale/size  of the services included in the lead.
  • We only sell pre-paid credits.
  • Credits will only be loaded once funds have been reflected in our account.
  • Credits do not expire.

Acceptance of Leads

  • For leads that require multiple services (e.g., a building renovation), you will be asked to accept or decline the lead.
  • Only when the lead is accepted by you with a “YES” will the client’s contact details be sent to you, and your credits will be deducted accordingly.
  • Ensure you read the lead carefully before accepting it.
  • An independent service provider must have enough credits before accepting and receiving a lead.

Lead Nature and Limitations

  • The leads are potential clients, not guaranteed jobs.
  • We cannot “Guarantee” that the lead will become a “Guaranteed Job”.
  • We cannot close the deal for you, nor do we know if your prices are market-related or how you conduct your business.
  • If the service or product required is for the same day or in 3 months, it is still regarded as a lead.
  • If a client is merely comparing pricing or asks for a quote, it is still regarded as a lead.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot get a job without giving a quote.

Campaign Pauses and Credit Forfeiture

  • Lead campaigns may be paused for a maximum of 14 days.
  • Should you exceed your pause period, any remaining credits will be forfeited.
  • If the pause period needs to be longer than 2 months, it will need to be approved by management first.

Pricing and Lead Volume

  • Some categories are more expensive than others.
  • There is no guarantee of the daily,weekly or monthly volume of leads as it varies depending on the industry, area and time of the year.

Lead Management

  • If a customer contacts the call centre and needs a service, the lead is forwarded to the relevant independent service provider.
  • If by chance it is an existing client of yours, this is still regarded as a lead.
  • If you are currently running a marketing campaign and receive the same lead, we do not re-credit for the lead, as clients do shop around.
  • However, this means there is a greater chance you will close the deal.
  • Slots left with no credits for 60 days will be placed on the waiting list. From there, you will need to reapply for available slots.
  • If your company closes down, you may transfer your leads to another company of your choice, provided they have been verified and approved.
  • If you start services in a new area or province, we cannot refund you, and we cannot transfer the leads.
  • In case of injury or disability, we can pause your campaign or transfer your leads to another company of your choice.

Responsibilities and Limitations

  • We do not get involved in customer-related issues unless MegaLeads stands to lose as a result of the service provider’s actions.
  • All customer issues must be directly resolved between you and your client.
  • We are not responsible for any outstanding payments from your clients.
  • We do not hold any warranties or guarantees of any of the products or services that your company offers your clients.
  • It’s the client’s choice to use your services or not.
  • We cannot quote or close your deal for you.

Conduct and Compliance

  • Bribing or offering an incentive to MegaLeads staff for better leads will result in your package being terminated, and the balance of credits, if any, will be forfeited.
  • MegaLeads staff that accept bribes or incentives shall have their jobs terminated due to theft.
  • All theft shall be prosecuted by the South African Police Service.
  • No conversations of a personal nature may be held with any of MegaLeads’ staff.
  • We do not supply leads to other lead generation companies.
  • Failing to disclose that you are a lead generation company will result in your package being terminated and forfeit your credits.
  • If you want to change your Telephone Number, Area, or Service, please send us an email from the registered account with your Business Registration documents, ID/Passport, as well as a Photo of yourself holding your ID/Passport.


  • We indemnify ourselves against all loss and damages or misconduct from all customer-related issues.

General Notice

  • Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.
  • If you don’t like the changes, you should stop using the service right away.
  • Should your client the “lead” request your  registered documents from us, they shall be provided.
  • If you continue to use our service after the terms and conditions are posted, it means you accept the new terms.

Account Management

  • MegaLeads holds the right to vet (FICA) our independent service providers once a year.
  • MegaLeads holds the right to terminate your account at any time if standards are not met.

Lead Usage

  • Leads received may not be shared amongst fellow independent service providers, friends or family members.

Refunds and Credits

  • In case of death, your family may be credited with the balance of the leads in their account upon providing a death certificate.
  • If we build a new campaign and you are unhappy for whatever reason, there will be no refunds, as we pay for our advertising upfront.
  • Please provide a certified bank confirmation letter of the account details for a refund.
  • The account details must match the Company Registration Documents and ID.
  • Refunds may take up to 72 hours to reflect.

Re-Credit Policy Guideline

  • The lead is not for your industry.
  • The lead is not for your area
  • The client no longer needs assistance.
  • The client is unresponsive for 24 hrs provided you have made multiple attempts on all forms of communications ( call , sms , whatsapp ) throughout the 24hrs to get hold of the client.
  • Screenshots of  the registered phone attempts must be kept for evidence to qualify for a re-credit.
  • Contact with a client from an unregistered number will not qualify for a re-credit.
  • Example: East Rand Lead was sent to a West Rand independent service provider.
  • If this happens you need to let CUSTOMER CARE  know so that we may re-credit you.
  • If you fail to contact us within 20 minutes after making contact with the client we will unfortunately not be able to re-credit you.
  • If a lead was sent after your slot is on pause you need to report it to customer care immediately.

Disclaimer – Very Important

  • Megaleads accepts no liability regarding the work done between yourself and your client.
  • Megaleads is a lead generation company that specializes in finding clients for your niche industry only.
  • We are here to connect homeowners with genuine tradespeople and service professionals committed to completing their projects successfully
  • You the service provider act as an independent company and cannot hold Megaleads liable for any claim resulting from any job undertaken from any lead provided to you.
  • Even if you or your company then subcontracts the work out to another company, you are liable to your client.
  • It’s still up to you, the independent service provider to make sure that your subcontractors and anyone else working on the project have the right credentials for the job.
  • All job disputes are to be handled between yourself and your client.
  • This includes subcontracting the work out to a 2nd or 3rd party.
  • Should the client contact us and you refuse to handle the client’s dispute, your leads package will be put on pause.
  • Should the issue between you the service provider an independent company and the client escalate, Megaleads shall at its discretion give the client ALL your company details to take the matter further.
  • Megaleads reserves the right to cancel your leads package and not reimburse you for outstanding credits.