Terms and Conditions

  • All leads will be sent via WhatsApp.
  • The leads range from small to large jobs.
  • We cannot “Guarantee” that the lead will equate to a “Guaranteed Job”. Reason being, we cannot close the deal for you, nor do we know if your prices are market related.
  • If the service or product required is for the same day or if the service or product is required in 3 months’ time, it is still regarded as a lead.
  • If a client is merely comparing pricing it is still regarded as a lead.
  • Leads do not expire.
  • Leads are exclusively sent out to one contractor at a time.
  • Leads campaigns can be paused.
  • Some categories are more expensive than others.
  • Only maximum lead restrictions per day can be set.
  • Daily Volume of leads varies depending on industry.
  • We only sell pre-paid credits.
  • Credits will only be loaded once funds have reflected in our account.
  • We do not get involved in customer related issues.
  • All customer issues must be directly resolved between you and your client.
  • We are not responsible for any outstanding payments from your clients.
  • We do not hold any warrantees or guarantees of any of the products or services that your company offers your clients.
  • We merely act as a referral agency. We find the potential clients and refer them onto various contractors.
  • It’s the client’s choice to use your services or not.
  • We cannot quote nor close your deal for you.
  • If a customer contacts call centre and needs a service. The lead is forwarded to the relevant contractor. If by chance it is an existing client of yours this is still regarded as a lead.
  • If you are currently running a marketing campaign and receive the same lead we do not Re-Credit for the lead, clients do shop around.  However this means there is a greater chance you will close the deal.
  • We indemnify ourselves against all loss and damages or misconduct from all customer related issues.
  • Bribing or offering an incentive to Megaleads staff for better leads will result in your package being terminated and balance of credits should there be any, will be forfeited. Please avoid doing so. MegaLeads staff that accept bribes or incentives shall have their jobs terminated due to theft. All theft shall be prosecuted by the South African Police Service. Should you want premium or ultra premium leads, please speak to management to upgrade your package.
  • We do not supply leads to other lead generation companies. Failing to disclose that you are a lead generation company will result in your package being terminated and forfeit your credits.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

Refund Policy Guideline

  • In case of death your family may be credited with the balance of the leads in your account.
  • If your company closes down you may transfer your leads to another company of your choice.
  • If you start services in a new area or province we cannot refund you.
  • If we build a new a campaign, and you are unhappy for whatever reason there will be no refunds, as we pay for our advertising upfront.
  • In case of injury or disability we can pause your campaign, or transfer your leads to another company of your choice.

Re-Credit Policy Guideline

  • The lead is not for your industry.
  • The lead is not for your area.

Example: East Rand Lead was sent to a West Rand contractor

  • If this happens you need to let us know within 10 minutes so that we may re-credit you. If you fail to contact us within 10 minutes after making contact with the client we will unfortunately not be able to re-credit you.
  • If a lead was sent and your campaign is on pause. (Please note that we must be notified by email to pause your campaign).

Very Important

Megaleads accepts no liability regarding the work done between yourself and your client. Megaleads is a lead generation company that specializes in finding clients for your niche industry only. Our role is as a marketing platform to help small to medium companies find potential clients.

You the contractor act as an independent company and cannot hold Megaleads liable for any claim resulting from any job undertaken from any lead provided to you.

Even if you or your company then subcontracts the work out to another company you are liable to your client.

All job disputes are to be handled between yourself and your client. This includes you subcontracting the work out to a 2nd or 3rd party. Should the client contact us and you the refuse to handle the clients dispute, your leads package will be put on pause.

Should the issue between you the contractor an independent company and the client escalate, Megaleads shall at it’s own discretion give the client all your company details as to take the matter further.

Megaleads reserves the right to cancel your leads package and not reimburse you for outstanding credits.

The 13 Easy Step System to Close Your Leads Professionally

  1. Make contact with the client ASAP (followed up between 2-5min). Reason being the quicker you respond to the client, the higher the chance of you closing the deal.
  2. Be professional and well-spoken on the phone. The more professional you sound on the phone, the greater the chance of the client feeling comfortable knowing you are able to do the required job.
  3. Dress professionally with a name badge.
  4. Have good product/service knowledge about your industry.
  5. Pricing must be competitive and negotiate if possible (ask for opposition price if already been quoted).
  6. Never keep your client waiting. It pays to be a master at time management. This way you are able to plan your daily activities without stress.
  7. If possible have a branded vehicle and website.
  8. Always give your client a business card with all your particulars on it.
  9. Have a portable POS System (Point Of Sale). Your POS System will enable you to accept payments by debit card/credit card. Having this POS System allows you to use their budget facility on their credit card.
  10. Have an active bank account, so that the clients that do not wish to pay you cash can then pay by EFT or cash deposit.
  11. Any guarantees or warranties must be given in writing to the client.
  12. Please make sure you always follow up with clients after sending through your quotation. Confirm with your client if they have received your quotation and if they are happy to proceed.
  13. Once your lead has turned into a successful job, please follow up once again with your client to make sure he/she is still happy. This will give you the perfect opportunity to ask for referral work and grow your client database.

Most important point: Sales is a numbers game, the more leads you get, the more quotations you do and thus greater the chance of closing them.

How to qualify for free leads

Refer a business to us and qualify for 1 free lead towards your own campaign provided your referral takes a paid package. 1 free lead is once off on that referred client.